C    o    u    n    t    r    y         I    n    n

Denaut Mansion


We will keep social interaction to an absolute minimum and give you the freedom to relax and enjoy our Inn.

We will insist on social distancing at all times with other guests and ask you to use common sense while on our           property.

We have hand sanitizer available at the entrance for your convenience.

Rooms will not be occupied 24 hours prior and after your stay.

Adjacent rooms, unless you already travel together, will not be occupied during your stay in order to secure minimal contact and interaction with other guests

Your room will not be cleaned during your stay. Fresh towels and toiletry will provided upon request.

In order to minimize contact we will not be offering lunch or dinner this season.

If you decide to bring in (take-out) food, we will be happy to provide you with plates, cutlery, etc.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be ordered from our fully licensed bar.

Breakfast will be self-serve and can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors.

We are available for questions or service at any time, preferably via text message or email.

If you are not feeling well prior to your stay, please cancel your reservation at no cost.

If you are uncertain that our precautions are enough to secure your safety, feel free to cancel your reservation and consider visiting our Inn at a later date.

Our Covid19 precautions

You can rest assured that we are taking all the extra precautions to ensure our guests have a safe and enjoyable stay.

All in accordance with provincial and local health regulations.

Unusual times call for unusual measures.

Thank you for your understanding.